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"I've been able to lead twenty-five people to Christ"


Groundwire is an international team of volunteers who are dedicated to letting others know that Jesus cares. 

Since 2003, Groundwire has been leveraging mainstream media and technology in order share the love found in Jesus Christ with youth and young adults. By placing well-produced and relevant media on the most watched TV, social media, and radio stations, we are able to share authentic hope with many who might not be ready to walk into a local church. 

Each commercial invites the viewer/listener to have a conversation with a “someone who understands”. Twenty-four hours a day, there are volunteer coaches online ready to listen, encourage, and point chatters to Christ.

The coaching team is at the heart of what we do. They are spiritually mature volunteers who invest to meet anyone at any place in life. They develop skills to dig underneath the issues presented to get insight of the chatters heart and pull it closer to Jesus. No conversation is scripted and each connection develops through genuine conversation. The dialog may be intense, but at the heart of all men is in need of all of who God is and that is what we seek to give.

Professions of Faith in 2017

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March 2017

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March 2017